Saturday, July 25, 2009

Final Uninstaller Review

Time for a Final Uninstaller Review.

I took a look once at Total Uninstaller, so I figure why not look at Final Uninstaller. They have similar names, and they are very similar programs. The purpose of Final Uninstaller is to uninstall programs on your computer. Maybe you are having a hard time removing a program, or maybe the uninstaller isn't cleaning up all of the program. Either way, that's where Final Uninstaller comes in.

As far as the download itself. It's pretty small. The installer is just 2.5MB. Then again, for these system utility type of programs, they usually aren't very big.

I am now looking at the main interface. There are two tabs at the top. There is remnants, and installed programs. You can pretty much guess what each of those mean.

Anyway, I went ahead and spent some time looking around on Final Uninstaller. Here are a couple cool things I've found.

- On the remnants screen, you can scan for remnants of programs on your computer. Then you can view detailed information of all of the files and registry keys left behind from a previously uninstalled program.

- If an uninstallation has failed, there is an option in the program to submit the program for review to the creators of Final Uninstaller, so they can fix it and provide a program update. Now that's some nice customer service.

Overall, I'm impressed with Final Uninstaller. If you are looking for good program uninstaller, I highly recommend checking this program out. Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Final Uninstaller.

Edit (August 2009): Final Uninstaller is now being offered in a software bundle called Aca Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of 1. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

History Cleaner Review

Oh dear... time for a History Cleaner review.

You know, usually I would suggest trying out software before deciding if it's worth purchasing instead of simply going by how the company acts. But in this case, I'm going to make an exception.

The History Cleaner website is bullshit. But here's the highlight:

"Most people are shocked when we tell them that every single thing you do on your computer is permanently stored in hidden files on your hard drive."

Um... Not Even Close.

You know... companies generally exaggerate from time to time about things. It happens so often, that it isn't a big deal to me. But the one thing that I cannot stand is when a company flat out lies to people and tries to scare them into downloading their software. That pisses me off so much.

Because of the behavior alone of this company, I am going to suggest you stay away from History Cleaner. If you are looking for a good file cleaner, just go with one of the registry cleaners. I recommend Registry Winner specifically. It has a history cleaner among many other features. You can check out my review of Registry Winner here.

Content Cleaner Review

Ok... let's see if I can do a review of parental control software without it turning into a full rant. Regular readers may remember what happened last time after I reviewed a parental control product lol.

Anyway. I'm going to take a look at Content Cleaner and do a Content Cleaner Review.

Upon first hearing the name, I figured this was a history cleaner for your computer. Well, I was wrong. Content Cleaner is a software program designed to scan your computer for porn and remove it.

I'm sure many of the guys are thinking they better hide this from their wives, but don't worry, this is for parents to use. :) Although... nothing is stopping wives from using this too I guess. :)

Actually, after looking more at the website, it appears they also target another type of user, those who look at porn and want to hide it. :). Perhaps you've been looking at porn on your work computer, you might want to clean that up so your boss doesn't get upset. So I mean, there are legitimate purposes to using this software besides parents using it.

Anyway, six paragraphs in and I'm finally going to talk about the software. After taking a look at Content Cleaner. I was impressed. It didn't blow me away, but Content Cleaner seems to work. How Content Cleaner works is, it scans for certain skin-tone levels that might indicate the image is sexual. Then you can see which files were found and go from there on removing them. It's impressive technology, but no surprise, there are some false positives. So don't be surprised if something Content Cleaner finds turns out to be just a normal picture.

In all, if you have no use for this software, then I don't know why you'd want to bother with it. But if you are a parent looking to remove porn from the family computer, a person trying to hide their web viewing from their boss or spouse, you may want to check out Content Cleaner. Good luck!

Link to Content Cleaner.

Duplicate File Cleaner Review

Another review. This time I'm going to do a Duplicate File Cleaner Review.

You know... I really wish I had came across this software a few days ago. I recently had to backup my files and reinstall Windows XP. It took forever to back everything up. I really should have came across this program earlier and removed some of the duplicate files that I'm sure I backed up. Ah well... :) Anyway... onto the review.

Duplicate File Cleaner is exactly what it sounds like. Duplicate File Cleaner goes through your hard drive and looks for duplicate files, that way you can remove them and store disk space. Everyone always focuses on cleaning your history to clean up disk space, but not too many people decide to try cleaning duplicate files. So this is a great idea in my opinion.

Anyway, the Duplicate File Cleaner install is small, just over 1MB. So it's a quick download and installation. So let's get right to opening the program.

Upon opening Duplicate File Cleaner, I see a few buttons at the top. Basic, Outlook, Music, Pictures, etc. They are basically buttons that take you to the scanning options to scan for duplicate files of different types. For instance, when it comes to pictures, you have the option of looking for picture files of the same byte size. With music you can look for files with the same name that are only MP3's, etc. There's a lot of different options basically for finding Duplicate Files.

I must say, I'm impressed with this software. It's a nice way to go about freeing up hard drive space, or even just organizing your computer more. So if you are looking to free up hard drive space, and you have already tried clearing your computer cache, I recommend checking out Duplicate File Cleaner.

Good luck!

Link to Duplicate File Cleaner

Edit (August 2009): Duplicate File Cleaner is now being offered in a bundle called ACA Utilities with 14 other programs for the price of one. I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to receive the other programs.

Article Submitter Review

I came across some really cool software. It's called Article Submitter. So here's a quick Article Submitter Review.

If you have a blog or website, you may often like to write articles and post them on various article websites. This is one way to reach more people with your writing and introduce people to your website. However, it can take a long time to submit to article websites. Sometimes in an hour you could only maybe submit articles to 10 websites or so. That's where Article Submitter comes in.

Article Submitter is basically software that will submit your articles to all of these different article submission sites for you. Article Submitter has a long list of article sites in it's database. You set up accounts for each article site, enter in all of the information to the Article Submitter program (Including your article details), and then Article Submitter submits your articles to all of the different websites one by one.

I must say, I absolutely love Article Submitter. It is expensive, but it really speeds things up if you like to submit articles to various websites. I can't imagine just how long it would take to manually submit your article to 300+ websites.

Anyway, in wrapping this up. I know this review probably appeals to a very small group of my readers, but if you're interested in submitting articles to websites, I highly recommend this software. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to Article Submitter.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Evidence Nuker Review

Some of these programs have such scary sounding names lol. Anyway, time to do an Evidence Nuker Review.

You can probably already guess what Evidence Nuker does. It cleans your junk files on your computer. There are a few highlights on the Evidence Nuker website lol. Among them, a testimonial from a women who used Evidence Nuker to hide her cybersex activity, and an Evidence Nuker July challenge that challenges you to try the product and see if there are less then 100 items found. I could clean my history and then do that challenge, but I really don't care enough too :).

Anyway, as far as Evidence Nuker itself, it's got all the usual features of a program for cleaning your tracks. It cleans your Internet Browsing history, Recent Documents, Run History, Recycle Bin, etc. It covers all of the usual areas. In addition, I like the file shredder it includes for overwriting files before deleting them, making it difficult for recovery software to recover the files you deleted. Overall, Evidence Nuker seems to perform very well.

Anyway, If you are really concerned about your privacy, you may want to check this program out. It seems to be one of the better evidence cleaners. Good luck!

Once more, here's the link to download Evidence Nuker.

RegistrySmart Review

I went ahead and took a look at RegistrySmart. So I am going to do a quick RegistrySmart Review.

After looking at RegistrySmart, I honestly don't recommend this product. There are a few reasons why, but here are specifically a couple.

- The feature list with RegistrySmart is really lacking. Yeah there is also a startup manager, but that's about it. There are a lot of Registry Cleaners these days that come with many other additional features that RegistrySmart does not come with. What about a Registry Defrag? Junk file cleaner? etc.

- There is some debate among security professionals if RegistrySmart is safe or not. It appears some programs are detecting it as spyware. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm if it is indeed spyware or not.

Even if RegistrySmart turns out to be safe for your computer, it just doesn't have enough for me to consider recommending it. If you are looking for a good registry cleaner, check out Registry Winner. It's one of my favorites.

Wordpress Membership Plugin Review

Here's my Wordpress Membership plugin review. I'm specifically talking about this one.

If you write a really popular wordpress blog, then I highly recommend this Wordpress Membership plugin.

What this plug-in does is basically let you create membership levels for your Wordpress blog.

For instance, you can make it so people have to pay to obtain certain access to your Wordpress blog. This could be useful in many different ways. Perhaps you are posting very valuable information in your blog that you feel people should pay for. This will fix that so you can get some money from your Wordpress blog. Perhaps you want to release software to people who pay per month, then you can set it up to release the software in those posts that users have to pay to access to. It's a pretty neat plugin.

Only downside is, the plugin costs a lot of money. But if you have a popular blog, you should get that money back from income you make through memberships. So check it out. :) I highly recommend this plugin!

Link to the plugin. :)

PC Tattletale Review

Ok for this post, I am going to do a PC Tattletale Review. This is going to be sort of like the Win Spy Software Review.

PC Tattletale is used for the same purpose basically. For parents to spy on their children. Although that is what the website is aimed for, there is still nothing stopping it from people using it on their spouses, or bosses using it on their employees.

Some of the features PC Tattletale has are MySpace monitoring, KeyStroke Recording, Chat Recorder, Screenshot Recording, Web History Monitoring, etc. All the features you would expect in Spy Software comes with PC Tattletale.

So how does it compare to Win Spy Software? I honestly don't see much difference between the two programs in terms of features.

Ok, I'm done keeping my opinions out of this. I was looking through the PC Tattletale website, one of the questions listed on it's frequently asked questions page was "Isn't it wrong to spy on my kids?". That is up for a parent to decide. But of course, the PC Tattletale website says no it's not wrong and makes it's argument. Here are some highlights of the PC Tattletale argument, and my own rebuttals.

" It's only a matter of time until your child is exposed to things, people or situations that they shouldn't. "

- Not necessarily. And if you actually spend time with your children while they are on the computer, then you can be right there to protect them. If you're using spy software on your child who's 6, then your 6 year old child shouldn't be on the internet alone in the first place. If you're using it on your child who's 15, then it's your job to teach them how to handle situations like that.

"When you are monitoring your child's online activities, you're not spying"

- Um... yes you are. definition of spying: "One who secretly keeps watch on another or others." Isn't that what this is?

"To those people who might disagree with us and insist that using a software like PC Tattletale is "spying"; to them we say "If i keeps your child safe, so what? If "spying" on what your kids do online, helps keeps them and my family safe, then no harm no foul."

- By that logic, if locking yourself in your house for the rest of your life and never leaving your house again keeps you safe, then so what? Horrible horrible logic.

Let's look at more highlights...

"I want to protect my children, but I feel guilty spying on them. We understand, but to put it very bluntly - you need to get over it. The Internet is NOT a safe place for children to venture alone."

- No shit it's not a safe place for children to venture alone! So don't let them!

"It's a harsh question to ask, but how "guilty" are you going to fee if you don't monitor their activities and something bad happens?""

- How guilty are you going to feel if your children find out and ask why their own parents don't trust them?

"Should I tell my kids that I am monitoring them? It's a matter of personal choice and should be determined by the kind of relationship you have with your child."

- Just like the use of this software to begin with!

"Will I need to configure my Anti-Spy ware / Anti Virus to ignore PC Tattletale. Most likely. Today many anti virus and anti-spy ware manufactures are becoming increasingly overzealous in identifying perceived "threats," and many care more about their profits then your child's online safety."

- Anti-Spyware companies care more about their profits? This coming from the company that is charging $50 for their software. And the top Anti-Spyware removers have free versions, so there goes the profit argument. And god forbid software that can record my credit card numbers and be given to strangers is considered a threat to my security.

In ending this review, I need to take a deep breath lol. The thing that pisses me off is PC Tattletale trying to scare parents into buying their spy software. Right on the main page is a link that says click if you've decided not to order yet, which takes you to a CBS news video about children on the internet. Come on...

If you want to use software like this on your children, that is your decision. If you were reading this review just to know if PC Tattletale works or not, it does. It works and has a lot of features. But please consider Win Spy Software over PC Tattletale. The features are the same, it's cheaper, and Win Spy Software isn't trying to tell you how to do their job. Because really, do you want some software company telling you how to raise your child and then taking your money?


PC Tattletale
Win Spy Software

Edit: After looking over the PC Tattletale website more, they actually have some pretty good internet articles for parents. The ones that aren't just setups for their software anyway. If they actually stopped trying to tell scare people into buying their product, I'd have no problem with this company, and if they ever fix their website, I will remove my rant.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

MalwareRemovalBot Review

Thought I would do a quick MalwareRemovalBot review.

I don't need to make this a long review. After taking a look at MalwareRemovalBot, just stay away from it. Don't go near it.

MalwareRemovalBot is another program that displays false positives to get you to buy their software. It seems like the majority of anti-spyware programs that cost money do this to scare you into buying their product. Don't let MalwareRemovalBot do this to you!

If you are looking for a good spyware remover, go with Ad-Aware. It's one of the best, and it's free. :) MalwareRemovalBot also claims to boost your PC Performance, if you are looking for a good program that actually does that, check out my review of Registry Winner.

Good luck!

Win Spy Software Review

I am going to go ahead and do a Win Spy Software review.

This is kind of a tricky review for me. I don't really agree with using software like this, but I know some people believe it may be justified in some cases. So I am going to try to go ahead and keep my opinion out of this and just stick to reviewing how well the product does it's purpose.

If you don't know what Win Spy Software is, Win Spy Software basically lets you see what someone is doing on your computer when you are not around. What are some uses for that? Well some parents use it to spy on their children and make sure their children are staying safe on the internet. Other people use it to see if their spouse is cheating on them. Some bosses use it to make sure their employees are actually working. There are many different uses for a product like this. Like I said, I'm going to keep my opinions out of this.

Anyway, I went ahead and took a look at Win Spy Software. Win Spy Software does do it's job very well. It can take screen captures of the computer, record what keys are typed, record the webcam if it's used, it can even record attempts to try to install anti-spy software. Additionally, if you are a parent for instance, you can check from another computer and go online to see what your child is doing. For it's purpose, Win Spy Software is pretty effective.

Like I said though, whether it is ok for a parent or spouse to do this is up for debate. If you are against ever using software like this, then I'm sure either way you aren't going to try Win Spy Software. But if you are looking for a product like this to buy, Win Spy Software is one of the best. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download Win Spy Software.

Friday, July 17, 2009

WinClear Review

I had the chance to check out WinClear. And I must say, I absolutely love this software. Let me explain why in this WinClear Review.

One of the easiest ways to free up disk space these days is by clearing up your junk files on your computer. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget to do this these days. In addition, even if you do this, you usually won't get all of the junk files. Clearing your Temporary Internet Files just doesn't get all of them, what about your regular Temp Files? What about MRU's? Etc. Truthfully, it would take a long time to manually go through and clean up your junk files. That's where WinClear comes in.

WinClear basically does all of this for you. It scans your computer for junk files and then goes about deleting them. In addition, it also cleans Registry Streams, Windows Fragmented Files, Auto Complete Data, and even the Index.Dat file which is extremely difficult to delete manually since it's locked.

One thing I also like about WinClear is the FileShredder. What this does is basically overwrite the data multiple times before deleting it. This is perfect for those worried about their privacy or companies that want to make sure company info doesn't fall into the wrong hands, etc. Think of it like before throwing out a piece of paper, you take a pen and draw over it a bunch of times. That's what this is like. Very cool.

In all, like I said, I really like WinClear and figured I would go ahead and do a post about it. If you are looking to protect your privacy or just even want to clear up some free space on your computer, I highly recommend checking WinClear out. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download WinClear.

Google Chrome

Here is a great section at CNET with Google Chrome coverage.

PC Onpoint Review

Had the chance to do a quick PC OnPoint Review. Unfortunately, I was not to impressed with it.

PC OnPoint markets itself to be a Registry Cleaner, and that's exactly what it is. But when I tried it out, the Registry Cleaner just didn't perform very well. In addition, I wasn't very impressed with this software.

There's been a lot of people asking about this product, so I figured I would quickly do a post and give my thoughts about it. If you are looking for a good Registry Cleaner, I'm still going to recommend Registry Winner. You can read my review of Registry Winner here.

MemAgent Review

Ok, time to take a break from reviewing Registry Cleaners. I'm going to review another program I came across. This program is called MemAgent, so yep, time for a MemAgent Review. :-D

Basically, MemAgent is a Memory Optimizer Software. If you are low on RAM, you know how frustrating it can be for your computer to slow down. MemAgent looks to fix that by freeing up RAM.

So how does MemAgent do? It seems to do pretty well actually. Not only that though, but MemAgent also attempts to improve your net connection, clean your temp files, Optimize Windows Settings, Defrag Windows, and other processes through it's software. It also seems pretty simple to use, something that is important so that even those not into computers will be able to use it.

Overall, I recommend checking out the MemAgent website and seeing if you think it's for you. Good luck!

In case you missed it, here is the site link again.

RegZooka Review

I swear, I have tried a million different Registry Cleaners lol. Now I know how it must feel to be an ice cream taster and get sick of Ice Cream. Except you aren't supposed to enjoy running Registry Cleaners, or are you? :)

Anyway, time to do a RegZooka Regiew. RegZooka is another Registry Cleaner. RegZooka's website makes the usual claims about it improving your computer performance. It's time to find out how it does though. I went ahead and installed RegZooka.

Ok, I went ahead and tested RegZooka out. It's not a bad program. The Registry Cleaner did well, in addition, RegZooka also has a nice Registry Defrag and a Startup Manager. Registry Defrag is quickly becoming one of the more necessary features needed these days and a Startup Manager is easily one of the biggest ways to improve your PC start time. It's nice to see that RegZooka has both.

I should also note, the RegZooka website has an icon up acknowledging that they are accredited by the BBB. That is a great reassurance to have for customers. Too many software companies these days pop up overnight and try to scam you. It's nice to see that this company has been around a few years.

In all, if you are looking for a good Registry Cleaner, you may want to check this one out. Good luck!

In case you missed it, here is the download link.

Councilman Uses Spyware

Interesting article.

Convert Genius Review

I had the chance recently to download and install Convert Genius, and I must say, I am very impressed. Because of which, I decided to go ahead and do a Convert Genius Review.

Convert Genius basically lets you convert files between various multiple file formats. For instance, if you can't play WMV Files for some reason, you can convert them to MPEG, AVI, etc. Those aren't the only ones though, you can also convert between DVD, VCD, SVCD, MOV, RM, 3GP, MP2, MP3, AC3, RA, M4A, OGG, AAC, etc. It's a pretty impressive program.

Going into trying Convert Genius, I was excited about trying Convert Genius out, but I was also worried that it might be difficult to figure out. Programs like Convert Genius tend to be very difficult to learn. Thankfully though, Convert Genius was pretty easy to figure out, and even those who don't know a lot about computers should have no problem with Convert Genius.

I'm very happy with Convert Genius and I think I'm going to use it for now on whenever I need to convert files. I highly recommend checking it out.

Also, I should note, ACA Utilities has an incredible deal going. They are offering 15 software programs in a bundle to download online. I mention this because Convert Genius is one of the programs in that bundle. So if you are considering buying Convert Genius, you may want to buy it in the bundle at ACA Utilities.

Anyway, If you decide to try Convert Genius, good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download Convert Genius. And here is the link to ACA Utilities which has that bundle I mentioned.

Protecting Your BlackBerry From Spyware

Interesting article on how to protect your BlackBerry from Spyware.

ACA Utilities Review

Ok, I just came across an AMAZING deal. It's through a website called ACA Utilities, so I am going to do an ACA Utilities Review.

Basically, ACA Utilities is offering multiple software programs for $47 a year. Now... $47 a year may sound like a lot of money. But not when you realize just what all is included.

According to the ACA Utilities website, here is what all is included. Registry Easy, Perfect Uninstaller, Driver Checker, Spyware Cease, Advanced Defrag, Duplicate File Cleaner, Final Sync, Memory Savior, Final Uninstaller, Evidence Smart, Easy Launcher, Convert Genius, Cookbook Easy, Convert My PDF, Recoveryer.

Let's take a look at what each of them does.

Registry Easy - A Registry Cleaner that I have reviewed in the past and which I really really liked. Registry Easy basically works towards speeding up your computer

Perfect Uninstaller - Another program that I have reviewed in the past and also really liked. Perfect Uninstaller is a program used for uninstalling programs that you are having a hard time removing with the simple add/remove manager. Very handy tool to have on your computer.

Driver Checker - Yet another program I've reviewed in the past. I liked this one as well. Driver Checker scans your computer for updated drivers and downloads them for you. Makes downloading drivers really simple.

Spyware Cease - I don't think I've done a full review of Spyware Cease in the past. I normally don't recommend paying for a Spyware Remover. But since this program comes with the bundle, I guess it's worth checking out. It's a rather average spyware remover.

Advanced Defrag - Advanced Defrag is used for defragging your computer. This is another program I have reviewed in the past and another which I really like. Defragging your computer basically speeds up the time your computer spends opening files when you access them. Windows comes with a Disk Defrag, but it's average at best.

Duplicate File Cleaner - I just reviewed Duplicate File Cleaner a couple weeks back actually. Duplicate File Cleaner will find duplicate files on your computer and remove them so you can save hard drive space. It's pretty cool.

Final Uninstaller - I reviewed this program as well. It's very similar to Perfect Uninstaller. I'm not exactly sure why they included both in the bundle. Personally, I liked Perfect Uninstaller a bit better.

Evidence Smart - I reviewed this program way back in February. I wasn't too impressed with Evidence Smart back then. It works to free up your junk files on the computer. But it wasn't that impressive. Most of what it did can be done with Registry Easy.

Memory Savior - I've yet to post a full separate blog review this program. I need to make a note to do so. But for now I'll say that I like Memory Savior. Memory Saviors purpose is to free up your computer RAM. My computer has 1GB of RAM, but I swear even that's not always enough these days lol.

Easy Launcher - Easy Launcher is used to make it easier for users to manage applications and desktop shortcuts. I've yet to do a full separate review for this program. It's a rather interesting program, but it personally didn't fit my tastes too much. I dunno, maybe other people will like it?

Final Sync - Final Sync is basically a backup utility. It synchronizes your important files to desktops, USB flash drives, etc. Ugh, I should have used this a couple weeks back when I had to backup my computer, lol. But anyway, good program.

Convert Genius - Convert Genius is used to convert file types between various programs. For instance maybe you want to convert a WAV file to a MP3? Or maybe you want to switch the file format for certain video files you have. That's what Convert Genius is for. I tried it last month and I really liked it.

Cookbook Easy - This program is so out of place in this bundle, lol. Cookbook Easy is a program that lets you manage and share cooking recipes. I guess it's a good program, but I'm into technology, not cooking. So my opinion on Cookbook Easy doesn't mean much, lol.

Convert My PDF - Convert My PDF allows you to convert your PDF Files into various documents. I don't think I ever did a full review of Convert My PDF in the past. It's a nice program, but not many people will probably need to use it.

Recoveryer - Recoveryer is a program to undelete files you may have accidentally deleted. When you delete files from the recycle bin, they aren't usually immediately removed from the computer. So sometimes these type of programs can recover them. Personally, I didn't have much luck with Recoveryer in undeleting anything useful, but maybe others will have better luck.

By my count, that is 15 programs for the price of one. I am amazed that ACA Utilities are offering that many programs for that price. $47 may sound like a lot, but if you have the money, I HIGHLY recommend going and ordering that deal. That is an amazing list of software, and I think it would do great in speeding up and taking care of your computer.

Good luck!

Here is the link once more to the ACA Utilities deal. Review

I wanted to quickly do a post and mention this service I came across called I'm going to go ahead and do a quick Review for this post. is basically another tool to repair your computer but with one different. works through the internet! Instead of buying some software to do this, you pay for a single repair and attempts to fix your computer errors. It's a pretty cool service, one of which I haven't really come across before.

If you are having errors with your computer, and you don't have the money to buy a full system optimization program, you may want to go check out

Good luck!

ErrorWiz Review

I'm on a roll tonight lol. But I figured since I have some time before bed, I wanted to go ahead and do some reviews. This time I am going to do an ErrorWiz Review. ErrorWiz is a program used for fixing errors on your computer and speeding your computer up. It looks like ErrorWiz does this through a Registry Cleaner, but I'm not sure. Time to find out.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed ErrorWiz. Thankfully it didn't take very long to do both. So with that let's get right to opening up the software.

Ok, upon looking at the software, I see a few features. It does indeed look like ErrorWiz is a Registry Cleaner. But, I also see a few additional features. It looks like ErrorWiz also has an Uninstall Manager, BHO Manager, Startup List Manager, Error Fix Tool, And a Virtual Memory tool.

You know, I think it's kinda neat that there is a Virtual Memory tool. I rarely see that in Registry Cleaners these days.

Anyway, I went ahead and ran a scan with ErrorWiz. It found the usual number of Registry Errors that most Registry Cleaners seem to find. So in all, I'd say the performance is above average.

Well, I guess I'm going to end this post. I think I'll go ahead and recommend ErrorWiz. The Registry Cleaner may not be the absolute best, but it's got some nice additional features. Those looking to speed up their PC will especially like the Virtual Memory Tool and the Error Fix tool.

Good luck!

Here is the link to download ErrorWiz.

PC Booster Review

I was given the opportunity to check out this new program called PC Booster. Because of that, I decided I would go ahead and do a really short PC Booster Review.

I must say, I really like PC Booster. PC Booster seems to have all of the features of a typical system optimization program. Automatic Tuneup, Auto-recover your memory, Boost Your Internet Speed, Clean up Junk Files, etc. It's got a really nice feature list.

One thing I should also mention that I noticed is if you buy PC Booster soon, they will throw in a couple bonuses. One of them was some type of special report for making your PC even faster, the other bonus was an internet radio player I think. I'm not sure though cause I didn't get a chance to look at it. I considered mentioning this deal only in my newsletter but I figured what the hell and thought I'd mention it now.

Either way, I recommend checking out PC Booster if you have a slow computer. Good luck!

RegGenie Review

Another day, another review. This time I am going to do a RegGenie Review. :)

If you don't know what RegGenie is, RegGenie is another Registry Cleaner that is available on the market. RegGenie claims to have the usual features, so let's just get right to the chase and download it.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed RegGenie. The download was just 3.1MB. So even if you use Dial-Up, the download and installation shouldn't take more then just a few minutes. So anyway, with that, I am going to go ahead and open RegGenie.

Ok, First thing I notice with RegGenie is that it does appear to focus mostly on your Computer Registry. It doesn't look like there are a lot of other tools, it just goes straight to fixing your computer errors by going to the computer registry. However, RegGenie does include a Registry Defrag which is a nice feature and not all other Registry Cleaners include that.

Also I should note that a Startup Manager does come with RegGenie as well, but that's about it as far as additional tools.

Anyway, I went ahead and tested the features. The Registry Scanner performed very well and found a lot of errors. I am impressed. And like I said, the Registry Defrag is also a nice feature that I like.

I should also note, RegGenie features a Registry Backup. That way if you are worried about RegGenie making changes to your Computer Registry, you can back up the Registry before hand and completely undo any of the changes RegGenie makes. So don't worry about giving RegGenie control of your Registry like that.

In all, I think I will go ahead and recommend RegGenie. It may not have all of the features that other System Optimization programs have, but for a Registry Cleaner, RegGenie seems like a nice choice. Good luck!

Here is the link to download RegGenie.

RegTool Review

Ok, I was surfing the web and came across another Registry Cleaner. This Registry cleaner is called RegTool. Since I'm always reviewing new products, I guess that means I need to do a RegTool Review. :)

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw the RegTool website was the feature list. It appears that RegTool has quite the feature list. However, I am going to download RegTool and see for myself if it truly has all of these features or not.

So anyway, I went ahead just now and downloaded and installed RegTool. Thankfully it's not a really large download and just takes a minute to download and install, after that I went ahead and opened RegTool.

My first thought when opening RegTool is wow, it really does have a lot of features. It looks like all of the features you might expect in a System Optimization program are here. Theres the Registry Cleaners, Junk Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, BHO Manager, Uninstall Manager, Memory Tweaker, Disk Defrag, Error Repair, etc. Seems like the list is endless.

Also especially nice is a feature that lets you block certain Active X Plug-ins from installing onto your system. It basically is a way to protect yourself from spyware. Considering how obsessed I am with keeping my computer secure, I like that. :)

In trying all the tools in RegTool, they all appear to do well. The Registry Cleaner and Junk File cleaner performed as expected. And of course the Memory Tweaker and Error Repair are also very useful.

In all, I really like RegTool. It's got an awesome feature list and all the features appear to perform well. I'm going to go ahead and recommend this software. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download and install RegTool.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

ErrorFix Review

Time to do another review. I came across this software called ErrorFix and of course figured I had to do an ErrorFix review for this blog. :)

Anyway, looking at the ErrorFix website, it appears that ErrorFix is another Registry Cleaner that is on the market. Based on the website though, ErrorFix looks pretty impressive. It looks like it has a lot of features. Anyway, it's time to download and install it.

Ok, I went ahead and downloaded and installed ErrorFix. There were multiple versions, so I went ahead and installed the full ErrorFix version. The download was just 3MB, so it was a fairly quick download and installation, so now it's time to open ErrorFix.

Ok, I now am looking at ErrorFix. Wow, I see a lot of features. There is the Registry Cleaner, Junk Files cleaner, Evidence cleaner, PC Optimizer, Block Bad Active X feature, Error Repair, Re-register Active X, Tweak Memory, Smart Disk Defrag, Optimize Internet, Update Windows, Startup Manager, BHO Manager etc. This is quite a feature list and I'm very impressed.

I went ahead and looked at some of the tools with ErrorFix and they all performed very well. I especially love the Block Bad Active X Feature. What that basically does is block bad Active X files from installing onto your system. It's basically a way to prevent a lot of different types of spyware from getting onto your system. Nice.

The Tweak Memory feature is also nice. It lets you free up a lot of RAM on your system.

In all, I really like ErrorFix and I'm glad I tried it out. Although it's marketed as a Registry Cleaner, it's much more then that and seems to be a full system optimization program. ErrorFix looks like the perfect tool for keeping your computer up to speed. I highly recommend it. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link.

McAfee article

Here is an article about McAfees list of the most dangerous terms to search for that might lead to a spyware infection.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SpamWeed Review

You know, I rarely do Anti-Spam product reviews. But I've just came across this software called SpamWeed, so I figured what the hell. Time to do a SpamWeed Review. :)

So yeah, anyway, I spent some time looking over SpamWeed, and I must say, I'm pretty impressed with SpamWeed.

Basically, SpamWeed works with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Incredibmail, and all POP3 E-mail clients. So if you use any of those programs then you can definitely use SpamWeed.

Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how to describe SpamWeed. But basically, it helps reduce the amount of spam you receive. SpamWeed does this many different ways. For instance, I noticed there are multiple filters you can use for your incoming e-mail. You can filter out e-mails in other languages, filter out e-mails containing certain keywords, filter out e-mails from certain addresses, etc. It's pretty cool.

A couple other things worth pointing out is SpamWeed also tries to identify e-mails that may have potential viruses, so in a way, it also helps in preventing virus infections. Considering how into Computer Security I am, I like that feature. :-D

Overall though my favorite feature of SpamWeed is the feature I mentioned earlier about filtering out e-mails with certain keywords. Seriously, think of how many spam e-mails you get about viagra, sex, etc. Just add those keywords to the filter list, and those spam e-mails are all filtered out just like that. That's quite a time saver.

Anyway, in conclusion I really like SpamWeed and I definitely recommend it if you are having problems with spam and you use Microsoft Outlook or any of the other programs that SpamWeed supports. Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download SpamWeed.

RegCross Review

And my award for most clever name of the year goes to this program called RegCross. lol, I just came across it and figured I'd do a RegCross review.

RegCross appears to be another Registry Cleaner. When you visit the RegCross website, you see lots of red crosses. So I'm guessing this is supposed to be the computer version of the Red Cross? Damn to make a comparison like that this better be good. Although obviously, this program wasn't put out by the actual Red Cross.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed RegCross. The installation file was just under 2MB, so it was a very quick download and installation.

Ok so, I went ahead and opened RegCross. I took a look around the program. It appears to be your standard Registry Cleaner. There aren't much additional features unfortunately, but there is a start-up manager. So with that... I went ahead and started the Registry Cleaner.

In the mean time, I'm back looking at the RegCross website. You know, in their RegCross screenshots, the RegCross appears to be in Spanish. But the version I downloaded is in English. Strange, lol.

And... the Registry Scan finished. RegCross actually found a large amount of Registry Errors. Nice...

Anyway, in conclusion I will go ahead and recommend RegCross. It may not have a lot of additional features, but if you are looking for a basic Registry Cleaner, RegCross definitely excels at that.

Once more, here is the link to download RegCross.

Driver Genius Review

I found another software program that claims to automatically update your Drivers. This program is called Driver Genius. I figured I'd go ahead and do a Driver Genius Review.

Upon looking at the website, Driver Genius looks to be a pretty impressive program. But it's time to find out. I went ahead and downloaded Driver Genius, it is just under 10MB. It's a fairly small download, although that might take a little bit of time if you are on a dial-up connection. Anyway, after installing it, it's time to check out Driver Genius.

Upon opening Driver Genius, I clicked the option to scan my current computer drivers. While it does that, I will quickly explain what I see on the main window. On the left is basically 8 buttons. Backup Drivers, Restore Drivers, Update Drivers, Uninstall Drivers, Options, Tools, LiveUpdate, Help. Those are all pretty self-explanatory. So I won't bother explaining them.

Anyway, the scan just finished. It found 18 critical driver updates that I need to install. Damn, that's a lot. I'm kinda embarrassed actually, cause I'm supposed to have my computer up to date with everything lol.

But yeah, in conclusion I'm going to go ahead and recommend Driver Genius. It has a driver database of over 80,000 drivers and does a nice job at finding driver updates to install. Two thumbs up.

Once more, here is the link to download Driver Genius.

One Click Privacy Review

"Don't Get Caught With Your Digital Pants Down!" That was the main thing I saw when I visited the website of this product called One Click Privacy. I'm sorry, but that is absolutely hilarious. Because that caught my eye, I'm going to go ahead and use this post to do a One Click Privacy Review. :)

One Click Privacy is basically a History Cleaner. It's main purpose is to clear your computer tracks. There may be multiple reasons you would want to do this. Maybe you don't want your boss knowing what you were doing on the computer. Or maybe you don't want the spouse to know. Hey, I'm not here to judge. :)

I went ahead and took a look at One Click Privacy. The download is very small, so it should be no problem even for dial-up users.

Anyway, On the main window I see four buttons on the left. Scan, Options, Shred, and Report. They are pretty self-explanatory. Scan is the actual History Cleaner. Options are the program Options. Shred is a file shredder to overwrite files multiple times before deleting them, and Report is past Scan results.

As far as the History Cleaner itself, it seems to perform fairly well. It got all the usual areas for cleaning your tracks. It even erases Instant Messaging files and VoIP files.

In all, One Click Privacy seems like a pretty good program if you need it. I recommend it. That website headline though still takes the cake. lol :)

Once more, here is the link to download One Click Privacy.

Registry Convoy Review

Another post, another day, another registry cleaner. I've reviewed way too many. :). Although I guess that means I'm experienced at it, and that's always good I guess. :)

This registry cleaner is called Registry Convoy. From the looks of the website, Registry Convoy appears to be your typical Registry Cleaner. Unfortunately, I didn't see many other additional features listed. I'm hoping there are some though with Registry Convoy.

Ok, time to download and install Registry Convoy. The installation file was really small, just 1.36MB. That's gotta be a record for smallest Registry Cleaner installation file. lol. But at least that means it will download really quick even on dial-up connections.

Anyway, I'm now looking at the main window of Registry Convoy. Unfortunately, I'm not very impressed from looking at the main window. I don't really see any additional features. It appears this is just a Registry Cleaner and nothing more. Considering most Registry Cleaners include other additional tools, I'm really disappointed that Registry Convoy doesn't have additional features.

As far as the Registry Cleaner itself, it seemed to perform alright. It wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't bad either.

In conclusion, I'm not very impressed with Registry Convoy. Like I said, it doesn't have that many additional features, and I consider that a big thing with Registry Cleaners. If you are just looking for a Registry Cleaner then maybe you'd like Registry Convoy, otherwise though, go ahead and pass on this software.

Once more, here is the link to download Registry Convoy in case you are interested.

Imagic Photo Review

You know, I've reviewed a lot of products on this blog. But I'm not sure if I've reviewed any type of image programs. I guess there's a first time for everything. :)

For this post I will go ahead and do an Imagic Photo review. At first looking it, Imagic Photo looked to be a basic program for editing your images.

Upon checking it out though, I was pretty impressed by Imagic Photo. It has settings to change the lighting, exposure, saturation, etc. It's basically an easy way to fix up your photos. I guess what I like the most about Imagic Photo is the simplicity. Personally, for years I have used Paint Shop Pro for photo editing, but I know that going over and teaching Grandma how to fix her pictures with Paint Shop Pro would be kind of difficult (and costly buying Paint Shop Pro for her). Imagic Photo seems to be a nice alternative.

If you already have Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or any other big photo editor, then you shouldn't bother with Imagic Photo. But if you don't have any photo editor and you are looking to easily edit your photos, you may want to give Imagic Photo a try.

Once more, here is the link.

PDF Generator Pro Review

Wanted to quickly make a post about some software I just came across. This software is called PDF Generator Pro.

You can probably guess what PDF Generator Pro does just by it's name. But if you can't figure it out, PDF Generator Pro will help you create PDF files! Surprise surprise. :)

Although not a lot of people need to create PDF's, there are some people that do. And after taking a look at PDF Generator Pro, I highly recommend this software for those that do in fact need to create PDF's.

In addition to helping you to easily create PDF's, a couple of the features I especially liked with PDF Generator Pro was the option to create other file formats (PNG's, JPEG's, etc) and the option to encrypt your PDF files. I'm guessing large businesses would especially like that feature.

The only downside is the video demonstration on the PDF Generator Pro website. Yikes! lol. The audio is horrible. :)

Ah well... I still like PDF Generator Pro and I highly recommend it. Good luck!

Once more, here is the download link.

Registry Kit Review

For this post, I am going to go ahead and do a Registry Kit Review. Registry Kit appears to be a new registry cleaner that was just released. From looking at the website, Registry Kit looks very impressive. So I figured I would go ahead and try it out.

First off, I will say that the Registry Kit download was very quick and the installation was just as quick. Even if you are on dial-up, it shouldn't take long to download Registry Kit.

Anyway, I'm now looking at the Registry Kit main window. I'm pretty impressed looking at the main program and looking at all the features Registry Kit. It isn't just a Registry Cleaner, Registry Kit appears to be a full system optimization program.

Some of the features that I notice besides the Registry Cleaner include a Registry Defrag, Secure File Shredder, Startup Manager, History Cleaner, Speed Optimizer, Memory Optimizer, IE Plugin Manager, Malicious Program Blocker, and more.

I took a look at the Malicious Program Blocker, because I have never really heard of a feature like that in any registry cleaners that I've tried before. Basically, it's a list of ActiveX Controls you can block that are harmful and may try to install onto your computer through websites. It's basically a way to protect yourself against Spyware. I think that's pretty cool that it's included in a program that's supposed to be a Registry Cleaner.

Anyway... I went ahead and tested out a few of the features of Registry Kit. The Registry cleaner performed fairly well and found a high number of registry errors to fix. The History Cleaner also performed very well and freed up a lot of space. One other feature that also performed very well which I like very much was the Memory Optimizer.

In conclusion, I really like this program. The thing I love most about this program is just how many features and tools there are for keeping your computer up to speed. My favorite tools are the Memory Optimizer, Malicious Program Blocker, History Cleaner, and of course, the Registry Cleaner. Those who are new to computers may also appreciate the Startup Manager, as it makes managing your items that run at startup very easy. Anyway, I highly recommend Registry Kit.

Good luck!

Once more, here is the link to download Registry Kit.